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Provider Profile - Wheel Women

Tina McCarthy, owner of AustCycle Provider Wheel Women, has a passion for teaching and introducing women to the sport of cycling.

“As an older woman, I was amazed at how many women said to me that they'd love to be riding their bikes but just didn't feel confident, nor did they feel like riding with their husbands because it always ended up in a race!"

"Lots of women also told me they didn't like riding on their own so Wheel Women was born. My aim is to cater to women who either want to try riding as first timers, or who want to get back into cycling after many years away from it - just like me”.

Recently, Tina was asked by her son’s school to ride with their students as an adult support person as they were finding it difficult to find a female staff member who could manage the enormous distance of the ride.

“I wasn't entirely sure I could do it myself, but I gladly accepted. After completing all 590 kms with an amazing bunch of Year 9 and 10 students from Suzanne Cory High School, I feel like my AustCycle training was put to great use". 

"I spent most of the ride supporting the girls and keeping them going, unofficially throwing in a few tips along the way. It was tough at times through those hills and in the freezing rain, and there were moments of tears when they just didn't think they could continue. But each one made it across the finish line and watching that was one of the true highlights of my life”.

“About 2km from the end of the ride one of my lovely student girls told me that this had been the most 'meaningful' thing she had ever done. If that is what cycling brings to young women, then I am so pleased to be a part of the revolution. I just know with my AustCycle training I will be able to make a difference”.

Phone: 0412 993 650